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Craig Shah

Craig shah, renowned celebrity designer of fine Jewlery and Swiss watches. sought out for unique fashionable and creative concepts. Craig Shelly designs are highly crafted and bespoke. Clients are those who have an eye for luxury, style and a compassionate heart. 

Their greatest passion is to use his creative talent and give back. They have dedicated a great portion of his success for the benefit of children and soldiers. Craig Shelly partners up with many prestigious organizations around the world. Some of his official time partners are Harvard and Yale for Rivalry on Ice, Cricket All Stars, Beverly Hills Police, IIFA, C-Suite, and PGA tournament amongst many other organizations. Craig is also an active investor and board member of many companies on road to successful exits. 

Craig lives by his motto: PURPOSE BEFORE PROFIT. When asked what this means to him, Craig replies, “Think about  others before yourself. Help children, soldiers, communities in need. Help as little as you can or as much as you can. When Purpose is before Profit, the Universe gives you many folds”

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Muy confiable y muy buen servicio lo recomiendo es seguro y de un buen emprendedor es la satisfacción al cliente

Maribel Abrego
Socrates is a true professional, great family man and one of the most honest business people I know. I am vert comfortable in recommending him to anyone for all insurance needs.
Jerry L. Supernaw
Executive director